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Today’s use of fabric conditioners has become very prominent owing to their special functional abilities.

Fabric conditioners have been designed to work their magic on any clothing material and give an overall appealing look & feel to it. They specialize in stimulating our basic sense organs by rendering a soft touch & producing an excellent fragrance to the user. It is also popularly known to maintain textile health and give the fabric a longer life.

Unlock the benefits of using a fabric softener!

  • Brand New Look – How great is this? Fabric conditioners work on the tiniest fragments of cloth, eliminating all wrinkles, pilling & fuzz, giving your clothes their original look & form.
  • Colours Stay True – Nobody wishes to wear a faded piece of black clothing. This miracle product maintains a fabric’s actual and potent colour and resists fading.
  • Soft Fabric – These conditioners add softness to your clothes. Feeling cozy and comfortable is everyone’s priority. It makes your clothes feel soft & smooth on your skin.
  • Fast Dry – Clothes washed with fabric conditioners tend to dry faster. Hence, it saves time & effort.
  • Prevents Static Cling  Have you ever wondered why your clothes sometimes stick to each other or your body? The clinging of clothes together or your body is called static cling, and a build-up of static electricity causes this problem. Fabric Conditioners reduce the “Static” effect on your clothes by de-energizing the charged components.
  • Easy Ironing – Are you struggling with ironing your clothes? It would help if you considered washing them with a fabric softener. It is a proven fact that using conditioners on clothing materials makes it much easier to iron.
  • Long-Lasting Freshness – When you travel, do you want your clothes to smell and look fresh even after being in a suitcase? Trust in these products. They’ll do the work for you!


 A laundry detergent is formulated to clean a piece of fabric by removing stains, dirt, oil, sweat and other debris.A fabric conditioner works as a conditioning agent, emulsifier and preserver.

Expert tips:

  1. Never fill beyond the maximum level of the dispenser. Too much is too bad.
  2. Regularly clean the dispenser with warm water to avoid residue formation
  3. Store the product with a tightly closed lid to retain the essence of the product.
  4. Avoid using too much conditioner on synthetic clothing such as athleisure.

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