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Kitchens are the heart of the home, but can be the center of the most mess. Bacteria and germs from your food and trash can easily pollute your kitchen countertops, tools, sink, sink drains, etc.  Keeping the kitchen clean and germ free may seem hard, but with some easy tips and right eco friendly cleaning products, you can always keep your kitchen clean.

Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen cleaner and germ-free.

Rinse your fruits and vegetables

Vegetable and fruits need to be given a good rinse before cooking or eating. There can always be traces of soil or germs from cross contamination lingering in your fruits and vegetables. Use a high quality and neem based vegetable cleaner to rinse your vegetables. An anti bacterial vegetable cleaner like Clensta removes all the harmful coating like dirt, pesticides, and chemical elements from the outer layer of the fruits and vegetables.

Clean up dishes

Run a sink of warm or plain soapy water. Scrape the leftover food into the garbage bin or garbage disposal bag. If you find it hard to get rid of the oily stains on the dishes and are worried about extreme scrubbing leaving scratches on your utensils, then use an eco friendly dishwasher soap.

Wash your dish towel and hand towels with warm water

The towels and rags you use in the kitchen can harbor bacteria as they are constantly damp. Whether you are wiping your dishes, your hands or the counter surface, it is easy to transfer bacteria from place to another. It is always safe to soak your dishcloths in warm soapy water with warm water and wash it.

Wash your hands properly before preparing food

Your hands are used to touch various objects constantly and perform all types of activities that may expose them to germs. When you wash your hands thoroughly and that too with a good handwash that is 100% natural you eliminate the risk of contaminating your food.

Clean your kitchen sink after every use

Your kitchen sink needs all your attention and it needs to be cleaned too. Food, debris, spills and grime can get lodged around your sink. When left unchecked and not cleaned, your sink can be germ haven. You need to make sure that your sink gets a scrub and a rinse at least once a day.

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