EcoLeaf – Floor Cleaner – Citrus – 1000ml


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Have infants at home? Imagine how fatal it is when a baby crawls down the floor prone to numerous bacteria, germs, viruses, and dirt. Do not risk their health using ordinary phenyl or regular cleaners. Get an EcoLeaf Floor Cleaner and keep your home sanitized to ensure the well being of your family. Made with natural disinfectants, our floor cleaner is the best product in the market today that guarantees all-round cleanliness.




Product Advantages:
  • Removes all sorts of stains and marks
  • Fights against millions of bacteria and germs
  • Suitable for all types of floors
  • Leaves a refreshing aroma
  • Very efficient, quick and easy to use



Manual Cleaning –   20 ml/ 1Ltr water

Machine Cleaning – 40 ml / 1Ltr water



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