ECOLEAF Combo – 4 – Set Of 9


EcoLeaf combo to make your Home bright clean and germ-free. These products are technology-based which makes process of cleaning into effective cleaning, disinfecting and fragrant.




Fabric Liquid Detergent Front Load : 1L

  • Works extremely great against various types of stains
  •  Dissolves very quickly because of refined grains
  • Suitable for quick, easy & clean wash

Scented Toilet Bowl Cleaner : 500ML

  • Kills 99.9% germs & bacteria
  • Retains the shine & lustre of the bowl
  • Scented cleaner leaves a pleasant fragrance

Room Freshener : 500ML

  • Made with natural aromatic essence
  • Awe-inspiring & reviving freshness

Floor Cleaner : 1L

  • Fights against millions of bacteria and germs
  • Suitable for all types of floors

Bathroom Cleaner : 500ML

  • Ideal product for bathroom floor and tiles
  • Powerful formula for persistent stains

Fabric Conditioner Blue : 500ML

  • Adds a protective layer and safeguards fibers of the clothes
  • Prevents damage & adds fragrance

Handwash Pearl Base Mixed Fruit : 250ML

  • Protects your hands from germs and bacteria
  • Retains the smoothness & moisture

Dishwash Liquid : 750ML

  • Removes hard residues of oil and spices from the utensils
  • Very tough against grease stains
  • Removes stains easily; hard rubbing or scrubbing is not required

Sunnipindi Soap : 100GMS

  • Traditional, organic bath soap.
  • A recipe used as a scrub and bath powder since ages



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